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For those few that follow me, I am abandoning this modblog for another one that I can use as my base of operations from now on and like and follow people with. Find it here! http://iamapplebloom.tumblr.com/


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r u fuckin kidding me rite now

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My friend http://defcarrot.tumblr.com/ ‘s avatar has a habit of being around or even watching whenever I bathe. What a creeper~ o3o

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When you’re playing Line Play and see an especially well done avatar or home and want to send them a heart.

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Aww, aint that cute. 


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My friend made me a Slender Man plush for Xmas and I started taking photos with it all over the place. 

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So we had a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine at their church and I was told to “draw an 18 on the board!”. I drew this instead. 

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Long time, y’all.

Yes, it HAS been a long time since the last update! What IS up with that? Well things have been very busy on the homefront and since the magical tablet has gone kaput, this blog has been put on hold. A new one is in the works soon, but if you need your fix of Applebloomy goodness, why not check out my new side blog, now open for commissions? If you ever felt the need to get a fridge magnet of your favorite MLP character or OC or even Pokemon, you might want to check it out! There are already plenty of examples up and more on the way!  
Have a small example:

And be sure to check out the blog! http://foamymagnetemporium.tumblr.com/ 
And you can also check out the thread on the Ohio Bronies forum here:http://forums.bucked.org/viewtopic.php?id=1922 

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glee is like the adult version of kidz bop and it just needs to be taken out back with a shotgun and dealt with

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